Alcohol & Tobacco Enforcement

August 19, 2019  | 

Please review our Guide to Prevent Underage Alcohol & Tobacco Sales to Minors.

This unit promotes the health of Mississippi citizens by working with local and state law enforcement officers to reduce youth access to tobacco and alcohol products. This unit consists of eight investigators spread across the state, who perform weekly operations in commercial and retail establishments (stores, restaurants, etc.). These operations work to ensure full compliance with the State’s laws and regulations pertaining to the illegal sale of alcohol and tobacco products to minors and their prohibited use by minors. The Alcohol and Tobacco Enforcement Unit oversees the issuance of the proper citations upon violations of such laws, and where appropriate, the arrest and conviction through the proper courts of such violators.

This unit has worked closely in recent years with television media affiliates in exposing the continued problem of ease of access to alcohol and tobacco by minors within the State.

Click on MS Laws Governing Tobacco and Minors to view the latest state laws that govern this division.

To view the CDC’s page:   E-Cigarettes:  Talk to Youth About the Risks

To contact the Alcohol and Tobacco Enforcement Division:

  • P.O. Box 22963
  • Jackson, MS 39225-2947
  • Telephone: 601-359-4159
  • Toll Free Telephone: 888-528-5780
  • Fax: 601-576-4251
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