Medicaid Fraud

May 4, 2017  | 

The Mississippi Medicaid Fraud Control Unit (”Unit” or “MFCU”) is an entity of state government, annually certified by the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.  The MFCU conducts a statewide program for the investigation and prosecution of health care providers who defraud the Medicaid program.  In addition, the MFCU reviews complaints of abuse or neglect against patients in health care facilities and may review complaints of the theft of patients’ private funds in these facilities.  The Unit is also charged with investigating fraud in the administration of the program.

The MFCU is a fully comprehensive law enforcement agency staffed by attorneys, investigators, analysts, auditors, nurses, and support staff trained in the complex subject of health care fraud.

The Unit is funded by a federal grant which reimburses 75% of the Unit’s expenditures.  The remaining 25% is matched by the State of Mississippi.


Provider Complaint Form
Abuse and Neglect Form

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