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May 30, 2018  | 

State, Federal, and local prosecutors in Mississippi represent victims of crime in the criminal justice legal system, by presenting the facts and evidence of a criminal case in court, and ensuring that a victim’s story is heard. It is crucial for Mississippi’s prosecutors to be constantly updated as law changes, scientific advancements, and new technology come at a rapid pace.

The Attorney General’s Prosecutor Training Division develops and coordinates continuing legal education classes and conferences for full time and part-time prosecutors across the State of Mississippi. Two major conferences and several customized training classes each year provide prosecutors with resources and information that are needed to help prosecutors protect the rights of our citizens who are victimized.

To contact the Prosecutors Training Division:

550 High Street Suite 1200
Jackson, MS 39201
Telephone: 601-359-9685
Fax: 601-359-4200
Or email

Mississippi Prosecutors Association 2019-20 Board
The Mississippi Prosecutors Association is a non-profit organization which provides support to prosecuting attorneys in the state. The MPA Board of Directors and committees provide leadership and guidance for training, legislative, and other criminal justice initiatives in the State of Mississippi.
Mississippi Prosecutors Membership Application

The Mississippi Prosecutors Association Membership Application is now online. You must register and send in the correct printed application with your payment. If you have any questions about the registration process, please contact Patty Pettis at 601-359-9685.

CLICK HERE to register to pay your membership dues for current year 2018-2019.
CLICK HERE to register to pay your membership dues for year 2019-2020.


Prosecutors Training ListServ

The Prosecutors’ Training ListServ is an email service for prosecutors, investigators, check units, victim assistants, and crisis responders to share information and ideas as well as to receive regular training updates.

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