Children & Schools

School Safety
Collaborative efforts continue with the State Department of Education to provide training to school superintendents, school board attorneys, school resource officers, teachers and other school personnel on school-safety law, search and seizure issues, discipline, civil liability, drug testing and other school-law issues. The cooperative effort between the agencies has proven very effective in the effort to maintain safe and orderly schools statewide.
Learn how to keep your kids safe at school with these two important school safety guides. Download NAAG Task Force on School and Campus Safety 2007 Report or download the AGO School Safety Guide.

Petition of CHINS
Petition for Neglected Child
Order Adjudicating CHINS
Order Adjudicating Neglected Child
Disposition of CHINS
Disposition of Neglected Child
Order to Reenroll Child in School
Mississippi Attorney General’s Office Publications
Youth Violence and School Safety Initiative
Instructions on How to access Mississippi Codes via the Internet
Threat Assessment
Threat Assessment in Schools
Checklist of Warning Signs for Teachers
Other Forms
Example of Field Trip Form
Drug Testing Resources
Sample Drug Testing Policies and Legal Guidelines
Starting a Student Drug Testing Program
Report Crimes on School Property Form
School District Sample Policies
Madison County School District Random Drug Testing Policy
McComb Drug and Alcohol Possession and Use
North Pike County Drug Testing Policy
Office of Healthy School Resources
To receive a copy of the School Primer CD or any of the forms listed, please contact the Crime Prevention and Victim Services Division at 601-359-4207 or email .