Disaster Information

Unfortunately, Mississippi is home to some of the most intense weather events in the country, and we’ve also had our fair share of man-made disasters.  Whenever Mississippians are facing impending trouble, we have a number of resources available to help us.

Here at the Attorney General’s Office, our efforts are often aimed at making sure our citizens are protected from those who take financial advantage of people in distress through the form of price-gouging or fraudulent home repair. If you believe you’ve been a victim of either of these criminal behaviors, please contact our Consumer Protection Division at 601-359-4230.

It pays to be prepared for the unplanned events of nature.  The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency has developed a hurricane preparedness booklet containing abundant tips and advice on how to prepare for hurricanes.  Click HERE to see the booklet.

There are many other groups standing by to help.  Click HERE for links to the web sites of numerous organizations in Mississippi and other southeastern states who offer help in times of disaster.

Remember: The outcome of a “disaster” is often inversely proportional to your preparation for it.